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"My son has been known to have sensory and co-ordination difficulties for 7 years and had half termly NHS OT input (via a Statement/EHCP) since May 2014. However, it wasn’t until Claire Ginty of Achieve Occupational Therapy Ltd completed her assessment, that we realised the extent of his difficulties. This is because previous assessments had failed to identify many of his needs and difficulties, including possible dyspraxia, audio processing difficulties and visual processing difficulties.


Prior to intervention by Claire Ginty at Achieve Occupational Therapy Ltd, my son had been seen by many NHS and private therapists, all of whom had had little or no effect on his wellbeing. Since he started treatment with her, he has made more progress than he has ever made with anyone else. In fact, when we first met Claire, his life was just an existence, whereas now he does actual have a life. Although he still has a long way to go, clearly the son we have today, is completely different to the child we had when we first saw Claire. So my husband and I will always be indebted to her for all she has done to help our son. 


Now we are aware of why our son behaves as he does and struggles with some activities and situations, it’s easier to help understand the cause of his problems and find strategies to overcome some of them. 

Our son trusts Claire Ginty at Achieve Occupational Therapy Ltd, something he struggles to do with most people and calls her clinic his “haven” as he feels so comfortable there."

"Claire Ginty from Achieve Occupational Therapy has been our family's saving grace. We started seeing her 5 years ago when my eldest son with autism was 5 years old. We were struggling with him at home and at school and needed an OT's help with his sensory difficulties. A parent referred me to Claire and I haven't looked back since.  


Since that time, one of our other sons was diagnosed with autism as well and Claire has been instrumental in helping us finally get his diagnosis and understand his needs. She has helped guide me as a parent through the difficult process of a life with a child that has special needs. 


Claire has not only gone above and beyond for my children, but our entire family as well. Nothing is ever too much effort for her and if she doesn't know how to help she finds the person that can. She has worked extremely well with all of the other professionals involved with our children and is always happy to answer any questions they have. She worked closely with the boy's school and helped them change the environment in order that they can cope better during the school day. 


Because of Claire and her advice our house is a lot calmer and we are more able to cope with both of our children that are on the spectrum. This has improved our ability to spend more time with our other two children that don't have additional needs, which was something that was very difficult before. Both my boys absolutely love her, which is a big compliment on its own as one of them particularly struggles with trusting people.



No words will ever be able to express the difference she has made to us and continue to make to our family. I have referred so many other families to her and all of them have thanked me for it, because they have also found the help that they needed. 


In the world of special needs that can be so difficult to navigate, she has been a breath of fresh air. I have never felt judged or like my concerns weren't taken seriously. The validation that she gives to parents, gives us the confidence to fight for our children to get the help that they deserve. Thank you Claire!"


As a school we have received assessments, training and free advice through the drop-in service. Over the Years we have received a variety of training and advice and all of it has been useful and informative, and increased my knowledge and awareness on how to support the children under my care. Claire is very approachable and easy to talk too, and there is never a silly question to ask. As a school, Claire is our first point of contact to refer parents to. 

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