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Achieve Occupational Therapy is a small and friendly independent practice based within Cambridgeshire, offering an holistic assessment and treatment.

Achieve their potential

The service offers private Occupational Therapy to children living within the United Kingdom, especially around the East of England, and abroad.

The service offers an holistic assessment and treatment approach to children with a varying range of difficulties and diagnosis, with the aim of enabling them to “Achieve’ their potential within all areas of daily life.

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Does my child need Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy can help support a child through difficulties in the following areas (& more):

Developmental Delay

 Not reaching milestones, not learning at an appropriate level, not developing age appropriate social skills.

Fine Motor Skills

Holding a pencil, manipulating toys & puzzles, poor handwriting and letter formation, using scissors and cutlery, using zippers and buttons, etc.

Gross Motor Skills

Movement, Strength & Balance. Using stairs at an age appropriate time, co-ordinating both sides of the body, balance and ball skills, etc.

Positive Support

The service is provided by Claire Ginty, a HCPC / COT registered Occupational Therapist with over 15 years experience within the Health and Social Care sectors, Claire is a trained Bobath and Sensory Integration trained therapist, with specialist interest in Early intervention.

Our equipment
Claire Ginty from Achieve Occupational Therapy Ltd

Extremely knowledgeable OT, who has a real empathy with children and their parents. My child has made more progress attending these OT sessions, than with any other professional. Highly recommended. - JB

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